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Cloud Computing for Small Business

DATE: February 22, 2012 - 6:30 PM 

NOTE: Tonight's scheduled speaker, Chip Witt, had to cancel due to illness but we were fortunate enough to find a replacement speaker, Thomas Stocking, VP of US Operations for Gandi US, Inc.

Exactly what is the cloud? It depends on who you talk to (and what they are selling). Among the topics covered in tonight's cloud discussion:

  • The past, or legacy forms of shared computing: Bulletin Boards, shared hosting, and the hosting you get from domain registrars.
  • The current hype of Cloud computing (still in full swing) and what it means for enterprises.
  • The education problem, and how everyone explains cloud computing a little differently.
  • What open source software like Linux does to the economics of cloud computing, and why this is good, and what the wise adoption of cloud computing does to the data sharing model, and why this is bad (if not really new).

The bottom line? If you accept some risk, open source can be an enabler to low-cost, easy to use, cloud-based computing resources.

San Rafael Corporate Center,
750 Lindaro Street
San Rafael (Map)

Speaker Bio:


Thomas Stocking


Thomas Stocking is a long-time open source advocate, and has worked with many project leaders to promote the use and community development of free software.


In 2004, Thomas co-founded a startup company (GroundWork Open Source) that uses Linux and open source in its products. He is a developer, executive, and entrepreneur.


Thomas now leads Gandi US, a subsidiary of a major domain name registrar and cloud hosting company, Gandi SAS. His interests are in cloud computing using Linux, and in developing communities of Linux administrators for small to mid-sized businesses.  




Event Logistics:

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Location:San Rafael Corporate Center, 750 Lindaro Street San Rafael (Map)




6:30 PM-7:15 PM Registration/Networking
7:15 PM-8:30 PM Presentation and Questions


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