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SofTech North Bay Software and Information Technology Association
 Organic SEO 2012: A Holistic Approach
September 26, 2012 - 6:30 PM, San Rafael Corporate Center, 750 Lindaro Street San Rafael



Since the introduction of its new web indexing infrastructure in 2010, Google has been changing at a mind-boggling rate.  Results are fresher and faster as the size of the index has virtually exploded.  Google is now indexing 20 billion pages a day, and currently drives roughly 85% of the searches on the World Wide Web.

Beyond traditional evaluations of page relevance and authority, Google's algorithms have taken on subjective measures of site quality, usability, and searcher intent... and they've incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into the ranking process.  This year, the algorithm has adopted stringent anti-spam thresholds to prevent manipulation of results.

This presentation will look at...
  • new views of SEO
  • new media and platforms
  •  implications for site owners
  • and some practical things site owners of different types should do to make their sites more visible.

It should be helpful to
  • individual site owners
  • corporate marketers
  • graphic designers and developers
  • project managers
  • business consultants
  • IT folk
  •  anyone doing business on the web.

Robert Charlton

Robert Charlton is a veteran independent search engine optimizing consultant. Since 1997, he has provided SEO services to clients ranging from small niche companies to Fortune 500s, in market areas that have included travel, software, technology, publishing, entertainment, business-to-business and consumer products.

Prior to his work in SEO, Bob had over two decades of experience producing and directing documentary, entertainment, and marketing videos for clients including Lucasfilm, Hewlett Packard, Time-Life Video, Showtime, HBO, Bank of America, Bechtel, NASA, and Chevron.

He is well known for his discussions of SEO on various web forums, is co-moderator of the Google Search forum at WebmasterWorld, and is a regular panelist at PubCon.

About the Organization:


SofTECH is a non-profit trade organization committed to fostering communication and cooperation for business and technology professionals in Northern California's Marin and Sonoma counties. Its goal is to identify and showcase technology leaders and support the technology user community.

SofTECH develops programs and provides meaningful networking
opportunities for its members who include American River Ventures, Autodesk, Inc., Bank of Marin, Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & RudyLLP, iPost, JAG Wire Group, The K/A Group LLC, Phippen Design Group and Ridgecrest Marketing.

Wednesday,  September 26, 2012


San Rafael Corporate Center
Tamalpais Room
750 Lindaro
San Rafael, CA 94901
parking & directions (PDF)


6:30 p.m.-7:15 p.m. Registration and Networking
7:15 p.m - 8:15 p.m Presentation
8:15 p.m -8:45 p.m Audience Q&A

Food and beverages will be served.

Members and Non-Members:
Pre-register for: Organic SEO 2012: A Holistic Approach 

$20 at the door for non-members who did not register in advance

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